All products in the MDG stable offer cutting edge technology designed to improve patient care. They all adhere to international standards when applicable and have been scrutinised and approved by the management of MDG who carefully select the most cost effective products using their extensive knowledge of the healthcare system requirements.

MDG is committed to providing the highest level of support for all the products and solutions delivered to customers. Customers will be appropriately trained in the use of any equipment provided by MDG.
Mobile hospitals, clinics & ambulances:
  • Brings healthcare to un-served and under-served rural and urban communities, as well as outreach to schools, factories, mines.
  • Rapid response to aid disaster relief.
Molecular diagnostic technologies:
  • Safe, accurate, rapid, high-throughput testing for TB and other infectious biological pathogens;
  • Ability to screen large groups as close to where they live and work as possible.
Alternative building construction:
  • Speed and flexibility of design (30-60% saving), concurrent production/reduced construction and commissioning time (50% saving), consistent quality, cost effective/cheaper than regular build (20%saving)
Medical waste management:
  • Approved by the United Nations (UN) and US Military for use in mobile hospitals
  • Minimal training
  • Quick setup & ready to use upon delivery
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