For the safe collection, inactivation, stabilization and transportation at ambient temperature of known and unknown infectious agents including TB, for molecular diagnostics and gene sequencing.

Our technologies have been introduced to multiple end-users around South Africa and SADC. PrimeStore Molecular Transport Medium® and PrimeMix® are already proven in TB trials with the University of Pretoria, UCT, Wits and other groups for other infectious biological pathogens.

NICD, NHLS and others are currently conducting additional trials for the expanded use of the technologies including animal health.
  • Safe, accurate, rapid, high-throughput testing for TB and other infectious biological pathogens;
  • Ability to screen large groups as close to where they live and work as possible.
  • Inactivate/kill microbes
  • Disrupt/lyse lipid membranes
  • Destroy proteins and enzymes
  • Preserve/Stabilize RNA/DNA
  • Compatible with RNA/DNA isolation kits
  • Shipment without dry ice or cold-chain
  • RNA and DNA stability at elevated temps
  • Impervious to freeze/thaws

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