Chief Executive Officer: Marlon Burgess
Having held management and director positions with many international brands such as Johnson and Johnson, Dinaledi Medical, Philips and Stryker, Marlon Burgess brings a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to MDG Health Solutions.
Chief Operating Officer: Bruce Manuel
COO Bruce Manuel has successfully owned and operated his own marketing business before taking on the role as Marketing Manager for PMB Health and Safety where he has been very successful in expanding the business.
Chairman: Jeff Fischer
Jeff Fischer is President of MED-1, CFO of Longhorn Vaccines & Diagnostics and has held leadership positions in other biotechnology companies. In addition to the duties associated with these positions, he is also directly responsible for MED-1’s and Longhorn’s successful global expansion, and is one of the driving forces behind the founding of MDG.
Vice Chairman: Chris Helm
Chris Helm, MED-1’s Executive Vice President of International Business and Director of International Business of Longhorn Vaccines & Diagnostics has over 30 years of international business background in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa, and provides a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organisation.
Director: Dr Gerald Fischer
Dr Gerald Fischer is CEO of Longhorn Vaccines & Diagnostics and also MED-1’s Medical Director for Infectious Disease. Dr. Fischer has over 30 years’ experience as a paediatric infectious disease specialist and physician and has trained numerous military infectious disease specialists currently deployed worldwide.

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